William P. Breen, CFE

William P. Breen founded Breen & Associates in 1995, and serves as its Managing Director. Mr. Breen brings to the financial investigations community the skills and expertise developed in his prestigious career in government law enforcement and in Corporate America. Breen & Associates provides a broad range of financial fraud investigations and forensic accounting services for a diverse group of clients, among whom are predominately Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and leading law firms.


Bill began his career as a Special Agent in the US Treasury Department, later becoming Chief for Connecticut and Rhode Island. He also helped to create FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Center) in Arlington, Virginia, and was its first Assistant Director of Tactical Operations, managing over 100 criminal investigators and intelligence analysts. At FinCEN, he acted as an interface with the federal, state, local and international law enforcement communities and the regulatory community. He has participated in congressional hearings regarding the US Treasury’s efforts in combating domestic and international financial fraud, and has spoken internationally as an expert in all areas of financial fraud.